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Micro pigmentation, also known as cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup is becoming a career of choice by many people by the sheer demand in the industry. Either as a stand alone service or an addition to a pre existing beauty/cosmetic facility clients are requesting micro pigmentation services for the convenience and the beauty of it.
But because this is an industry that hasn’t been regulated there were lack of quality control which was a frustration to many people. This is also why organization such as the Micro Pigmentation Centre came about to fight the ineptitude in the industry and set a standard so that the level of safety and quality offered to the clients can be assured.
An educational facility has to do much more than just teaching. They have to ensure that every single students are aware of the changes in technology in the field so that the clients at the end can get the most up-to-date and safe procedures. This is why a school should offer a short intensive course to train those who have already graduated.
The very equipment and the supplies that one uses also have to be approved and safe. In the end a person has to rely on the machinery to ensure sterilization and safety which means the failure in the part of the machine can be devastating. Even simple supplies such as elastic gloves should be purchased from a reliable source so that it can be trusted.
In order to satisfy all the above needs one has to find a reliable centre for training. An institute such as the Micro-Pigmentation Centre, who is a leader in the field of cosmetic micro pigmentation, is a organization that offers up to date training together with reliable equipments and supplies to its students. Please contact today for additional information.
Micro-Pigmentation Centre Inc.
5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 24,
Mississauga, ON, L4W 5A1

t.  (905) 625-5155

Toll Free: (888) 737-6268
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