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When in comes to cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup sterilization is one of the most important factors. Complications from contaminated equipment or a sloppy procedure can be disastrous to both the business and especially the client. Since health is the number one concern in everyone’s list one has to ensure that the services they offer are up to standard and safe.
There are three primary steps required in keeping your environment sterile. First is to physically wash the equipments to remove any residue. Second is to actually sterilize the equipment to keep it free of bacteria or other microorganisms. The third is to ensure that all equipments, including the cleaners and the sterilization machine themselves, are functioning as they should be.
This means that merely cleaning your equipments is not enough. You have to make sure that even the cleaning products are up to standard to be 100% sure of the safety of your facility. There are test kits available that you can order from MPC which allows you to verify if the sterilization in your facility are working the way it should.
You should also be aware of the protection that the advancement of technology brings. For example the Nouveau Contour, the Intelligent Machine has a special barrier film built into the design which gives the practitioner a clean, sterile equipment by merely putting the film over the face of the Intelligent.
So prevention of cross contamination and keeping a sterile environment is dependent upon both the person and the equipment. This is why it becomes critical for someone to be trained by a professional such as the Micro Pigmentation Centre. It also important for a facility to be supplied with reliable equipments and products so that their sterilization wouldn’t fail and here is where the MPC shines once again as the most reliable supplier of permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing product supplier.
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