Camouflage Tattooing What They Don’t Tell You

Camouflage Tattooing: What They Don’t Tell You

By Micro Team
So, you want to be a camouflage artist. Here’s what you should know: Paramedical cosmetic tattooing can successfully camouflage scars, burns, and other skin imperfections resulting from injuries, surgery or other circumstances. Micro-pigmentation can also disguise a number of ...
Dermatude VS. Popular Skin Rejuvenation Procedures

Dermatude VS. Popular Skin Rejuvenation Procedures

By Micro Team
Dermatude VS. Popular Skin Rejuvenation ProceduresLearn about the Dermatude Difference  META" Therapy is the acronym for Medical & Esthetical Tissue Activation Therapy, a new method for skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, skin hydration and restoration. Ultra thin needles ...
⚠︎⁣⁣Buyer Beware⚠︎⁣⁣

⚠︎⁣⁣Buyer Beware⚠︎⁣⁣

By Micro Team
⚠︎⁣⁣Attention⚠︎⁣⁣The products shown below labelled Tattoo Remover, Vitaminbar Brows-Lash-Hair, and “Tropical” Anesthetic Cream are currently being illegally branded under Micro-Pigmentation Centre Inc.’s name and logo. They are being promoted as “Made in Canadian” but these ...
Myths of Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing

Myths of Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing

By Micro Team
Myths of Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing Pigment myths debunked by Micro-Pigmentation Centre Inc.   As featured in the Summer 2019 SPCP Quarterly Newsletter, Myths of Permanent Makeup   1. There are specific pigments that do not fade and stay true to color.   In the cosmetic ...
PlayFundamental Permanent Makeup andamp Microblading Training

Fundamental Permanent Makeup & Microblading Training

By Micro Team
Here’s a sneak peek at a few Micro-Pigmentation Centre students working hard to become the next class of graduates and success stories! We strongly believe that our 8 day hands-on training program with live models is crucial for receiving proper in-depth permanent makeup and microblading ...
Graduate Spotlight  Aya Hamed
3 photos

Graduate Spotlight : Aya Hamed

By Micro Team
Graduate Spotlight 🎓Micro-Pigmentation Centre graduate, Aya Hamed, has followed a distinct path to find herself in the permanent makeup industry. After many years of providing freelance makeup services, Aya decided to expand her business by seeking education in permanent makeup. ...
Graduate Spotlight  Lisette Meuse-Manuel
4 photos

Graduate Spotlight : Lisette Meuse-Manuel

By Micro Team
Graduate Spotlight 🎓   We’re incredibly honoured to share the medical and cosmetic accomplishments of a Micro-Pigmentation Centre graduate, Lisette Meuse-Manuel. Lisette was introduced to the PMU industry through our academy and has remained in contact with the academy throughout ...
Graduate Spotlight  Dawn Conway
5 photos

Graduate Spotlight : Dawn Conway

By Micro TeamModels
Graduate Spotlight 🎓  We are proud to share Micro-Pigmentation Centre graduate, Dawn Conway’s growing success in the PMU industry. Dawn has established an incredibly popular PMU business with an outstanding reputation in Kingston, Ontario. Just check out her reviews! Better ...
The Beauty of Black The Hazards of White

The Beauty of Black, The Hazards of White

By Micro Team
           We do not live in a black and white world, and neither does our permanent makeup. Just like many situations fall on a grey line, so does the possibility of a permanent makeup procedure (literally, I mean like a Sterling Grey ...

Why PMU newbies should NOT enrol in “Quickie ” Classes

By Micro Team
 It seems like everyday there is a new “Master” class being featured in cities around Canada and the U.S. Technicians are receiving certificates from  24 to 40 hour courses and then some are jumping right into teaching others. You must ask yourself does this ...

Permanent Lipstick in Need of Touch Up

By Ms.CampbellQ & A
Hi Micro Pigmentation Centre, I got permanent lipstick done about 7 years ago, but I’ve noticed, like most tattoos, it has faded slightly in colour. I’d like to get a touch up, just to re-enhance ...AnswerHi there,   Yes we most certainly can give you a touch up. Please call Andrea at (905)625-5155 and she would be happy to create an appointment for you.   You might wish to discuss our Model Program ...

Permanent Cosmetic Schools

By meghanbradleyQ & A
Hi Micro Pigmentation Centre. I have been searching through the courses on your website, and they all seem really great! I’m mainly interested in becoming a permanent makeup artist, as I love the ...AnswerHi Meghan,   You would need to complete our 8 day Fundamental Permanent Makeup course in order to become certified. Once you have completed either our Fundamental Permanent Makeup or Fundamental ...

The Best Permanent Makeup School Offers a Hands-On Approach

A new trend is sweeping the cosmetics industry.  Permanent makeup (also known as micropigmentation) is the application of permanent pigment to the skin.  This procedure is gaining popularity across North America with men and women alike.  Permanent makeup is applied ...

Tattoo Pigments – Easy Beauty

The Resurgence of Micro-pigmentation   The term micro-pigmentation is most often referred to as permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing which is quite self-descriptive. Like a traditional tattoo, ink is tattooed into the skin using specialized needles, but instead of creating ...
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