The Best Permanent Makeup School Offers a Hands-On Approach

A new trend is sweeping the cosmetics industry.  Permanent makeup (also known as micropigmentation) is the application of permanent pigment to the skin.  This procedure is gaining popularity across North America with men and women alike.  Permanent makeup is applied ...

Tattoo Pigments – Easy Beauty

The Resurgence of Micro-pigmentation   The term micro-pigmentation is most often referred to as permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing which is quite self-descriptive. Like a traditional tattoo, ink is tattooed into the skin using specialized needles, but instead of creating ...

Tattoo Eyeliner – Eye on Beauty

The art of both tattooing and cosmetic application has been around for thousands of years assisting us in creating the image of ourselves that we wish to present to other people, but only in recent years have these two processes come together to become the ultimate fashion accessory ...

Signature Series Pigments – Permanent Beauty

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what of the beheld? While it is true that the application of cosmetics is often performed to improve one's appearance to others, it is also meant to boost the confidence and self-esteem of those who wear them. After a life-time ...

Permanent Makeup by Patricia Gauthier – Saving Face

The Second Coming of Permanent Makeup   In every industry there is a person, who through time, dedication, and perseverance rises up and becomes a leader in the forefront of their field. To the world of permanent makeup, this person is Pat Gauthier. As a trailblazer in the field ...

Micro-Pigmentation Technicians – Colour Corrections

For many women, the routine we go though each morning styling our hair, choosing an outfit, and applying our cosmetics is a ball and chain we will be attached to for at least the duration of a working career. While notions of beauty differ from one individual to the next, typically ...

Permanent Makeup Colors – The Evolution of Safe Tattoo Pigments

Improving the Permanent Makeup Industry   Permanent makeup is commonly referred to as cosmetic tattooing. Just like in traditional tattooing, the pigments, techniques and equipment used for the procedure will have a huge impact on the level of satisfaction both during and after ...
Micropigmentation in Toronto is a Booming Business k34.torontomicropigmentation

Micropigmentation in Toronto is a Booming Business

Micropigmentation is a business that is gaining traction and momentum in Canada and North America. The process, sometimes called permanent cosmetics, permanent makeup, dermapigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, has been around for over two decades now, but only in recent years has ...

Tattoo Lip Liner: A Permanent Solution To A Daily Necessity

Permanent makeup and tattoo lip liners instantly bring to mind the idea of looking your best without the inconvenience and heavy time commitment it takes to apply makeup. However the uses and necessity of tattoo lip liner is actually understated. Today, cosmetic tattooing and lip ...

Tattoo Colors are Incredibly Important in Permanent Makeup

Tattoo colors have been around for many years for standard tattoos on body parts, but a more recent development and perfection of tattoo colors has been used for permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique that uses tattoos and various complimentary ...

Signature Series Pigments for Permanent Makeup

The Signature Series of pigments for permanent makeup is a line of colours designed to match the look of a person's natural makeup, skin colour, tone and other facial features. These pigments come in a variety of colours and are carefully selected by a permanent makeup technician ...
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