Permanent Makeup Pigments – The Benefits and Uses

The idea behind permanent makeup is simple – removing the daily hassle, time and cost of applying makeup every day. Especially in the case of medical issues, permanent makeup is an excellent industry, which has really experienced renewed demand thanks in large part due to updated ...

Permanent Makeup in Ottawa is Easy and Without Fuss

Permanent makeup is a technique where tattoos are used to mimic the look of makeup but rather than being temporary, this makeup is permanent, which makes the process of applying makeup in the morning much easier for non-permanent desires. This form of tattooing is designed with the ...

Discover Effortless Beauty with Permanent Makeup Machine Solutions

Permanent Makeup Machines   For permanent makeup technicians looking to expand their businesses with new machines, search your local directories for the latest innovative products in a rapidly advancing industry. Benefits of replacing older equipment include being able to offer ...

Permanent Makeup Procedures and Colors

For a Natural Effect   For most people, makeup is used as a means of enhancing their already existing natural beauty. This is why many forgo drastic reconstructive cosmetic surgery and choose to work with what they already have. However, it can become tedious and cumbersome ...

Permanent Makeup in Canada – Is It For You?

Why Choose Permanent Makeup?   Permanent makeup is a way to significantly reduce the time and effort put into any daily beauty regime. In addition, it is possible to enhance one's natural beauty with a few simple procedures conducted by some of Canada's most experienced cosmetic ...

Permanent Lip Liner Makeup – Beautiful Lips in No Time At All

Defined Beauty, Defined Lips   One of the most popular tattooing makeup procedures is having the lips permanently lined. This removes a critical step in one's daily beauty regime as well as significantly enhances the natural beauty of the face with a mouth that is always ...
Get Gorgeous Eyes Anytime Anywhere With Permanent Eyeliner Makeup k19.eyelinerblackonyx

Get Gorgeous Eyes Anytime, Anywhere, With Permanent Eyeliner Makeup

Look Beautiful – Permanently   Effortless beauty can truly be just that – effortless. While many women put countless hours into their appearance to make it appear as though they spent no time at all, the majority are dealing with various types of makeup, from eyeliners and brow ...

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup -- Beauty Can Be This Easy

Permanent Beauty   People who have thin, faded eyebrows are often forced to stick to a daily routine of coloring them in and ensuring that they are evenly drawn on. Sketching in eyebrows on a daily basis can be both a frustrating and time-consuming task. In addition to this, ...

Patricia Gauthier Is Canada’s First Lady of Micro-Pigmentation

Patricia Gauthier, or Patricia Shibley-Gauthier, as she is more often known, is the premier name in micro-pigmentation in Canada.   In her role as the founder and director of the Micro-Pigmentation Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Shibley-Gauthier turns out the country's most ...
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