Montreal Micro-pigmentation Centres Meet Women’s Needs

Montreal is home to some of Canada's finest and most popular spas and salons. Many offer a range of services, from massage to facials, aromatherapy to pedicures, and from body wraps to waxing. One service that's gained in popularity in recent years is permanent makeup application. ...

Micro-pigmentation: Winnipeg Women Opt For Permanent Makeup

Women across Canada are opting for permanent makeup, and Winnipeg has a high number of skilled and experienced technicians in the field. Certified professionals are in demand across North America as the popularity of micro-pigmentation procedures increases.   Micro-pigmentation ...

Micro-pigmentation Technicians See Return On Investment

Have you ever considered a career in the growth field of micro-pigmentation? The profession can be creative, fulfilling, and lucrative for those who are committed to helping people look and feel their best.   Recent years have seen a significant increase in the number of women ...

Micro-pigmentation: Ottawa Offers Permanent Makeup

Ottawa boasts several top-notch centres for micro-pigmentation staffed by certified technicians, an advantage not shared by other similarly sized cities. The services offered in the Ottawa area range from tattoo removal, to areola colouring for breast reconstruction, to permanent ...

Micro-pigmentation In Edmonton Salons Offer Eyebrow Definition

The Edmonton area boasts several micro-pigmentation professionals with impeccable credentials. These technicians see a wide variety of clients, from people with vitlingo who are hoping to ameliorate the effects of the disease, to busy professional women who want the convenience ...

Permanent Make-Up Schools - Micro-Pigmentation Centre Inc.

Quality and Quantity   There are many schools out there that offer permanent make-up training. Unfortunately, numbers do not necessarily equate to quality. While there are many training schools out there, only a few of them stands at top, offering high quality training and ...

Permanent Make-up Training - Micro-Pigmentation Centre Inc.

A Worthy Skill   Permanent make-up (also known as cosmetic tattooing or Micro-Pigmentation) is a popular choice of skill to train in the beauty industry. Due to the sheer volume of demand and popularity, many people are considering the path of permanent make-up as a primary career ...
Permanent Make-up - Micro-Pigmentation Centre Inc. makeup

Permanent Make-up - Micro-Pigmentation Centre Inc.

Defining Permanent Make-up   Permanent make-up has many names. Also known as cosmetic tattooing or Micro-Pigmentation, permanent make-up procedure allows women to enjoy freedom from a part of their daily make-up ritual. When performed by a professional, permanent make-up procedures ...
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