Permanent Lipstick in Need of Touch Up

By Ms.CampbellQ & A
Hi Micro Pigmentation Centre, I got permanent lipstick done about 7 years ago, but I’ve noticed, like most tattoos, it has faded slightly in colour. I’d like to get a touch up, just to re-enhance ...AnswerHi there,   Yes we most certainly can give you a touch up. Please call Andrea at (905)625-5155 and she would be happy to create an appointment for you.   You might wish to discuss our Model Program ...

Permanent Cosmetic Schools

By meghanbradleyQ & A
Hi Micro Pigmentation Centre. I have been searching through the courses on your website, and they all seem really great! I’m mainly interested in becoming a permanent makeup artist, as I love the ...AnswerHi Meghan,   You would need to complete our 8 day Fundamental Permanent Makeup course in order to become certified. Once you have completed either our Fundamental Permanent Makeup or Fundamental ...
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