⚠︎⁣⁣Buyer Beware⚠︎⁣⁣

⚠︎⁣⁣Buyer Beware⚠︎⁣⁣

The products shown below labelled Tattoo Remover, Vitaminbar Brows-Lash-Hair, and “Tropical” Anesthetic Cream are currently being illegally branded under Micro-Pigmentation Centre Inc.’s name and logo. They are being promoted as “Made in Canadian” but these are not products of Micro-Pigmentation Centre Inc. and the poor translations are indicative as such. They are not manufactured by us nor manufactured for us and we have no association with these products. We do not support them in any form or manner and accept no responsibility for their use or results.
These products have been illegally branded without our consent in an effort to give them credibility. By using our company’s 26-year history and dependable reputation in the Permanent Makeup Industry, these products are being deliberately deceptive and abusing the trust of our valued clients.
Based on this flagrant misrepresentation of its origins and branding, the validity of the ingredients listed on the packaging is also in question and purchasers/users should beware of any possible adverse effects of scarring or damage to the skin.
Micro-Pigmentation Centre, Inc. is in the process of pursuing avenues to have the seller of the products remove our name and logo from the packaging and cease and desist in promoting them under our name. Buyers should beware.
Pat Shibley-Gauthier, CPCP

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