5 Reasons to take a Cosmetic Tattooing Course at Micro-Pigmentation Centre

5 Reasons to take a Cosmetic Tattooing Course at Micro-Pigmentation Centre

Five Reasons to take a Cosmetic Tattooing Course at Micro-Pigmentation Centre


1. Quick return on investment and immediate increase in revenue


Following graduation, technicians are able to immediately offer cosmetic tattooing procedures and begin or grow a lucrative business. Graduates of Micro-Pigmentation Centre are highly sought-after by salons, clinics and other businesses who see the business opportunity in permanent makeup.


2. Extensive hands on experience


Models are provided in each curriculum for hands-on training and experience. Students leave with experience working on a real client as well as a portfolio of work for marketing purposes. 


3. Expand your diversity of services and broaden your client market


Micro-Pigmentation Centre offers a diverse lineup of cosmetic tattoo training opportunities for technicians to constantly grow and improve in the permanent makeup industry. Each course offers the same standard of quality training to inspire the same level of confidence in every student, regardless of the procedure.


4. Join an elite community of premier technicians


Gain access to ongoing support within an established group of elite technicians who have graduated with the same training. Receive ongoing advice and guidance from one of the industry’s pioneers and Micro’s head instructor with 39 years of experience, Pat Shibley-Gauthier.


5. Quality training without cutting corners


So many training courses don’t provide enough information on needle management, color theory, proper sterilization practices, and so much more. Every curriculum at Micro-Pigmentation Centre is designed to give students as much information and hands-on training as possible to ensure each student graduates with the confidence to perform procedures right away.



Discover the difference and quality of the MicroMethod© of training for yourself. Register for upcoming training opportunities online, or call 1-888-737-6268.

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