Why PMU newbies should NOT enrol in “Quickie ” Classes

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 It seems like everyday there is a new “Master” class being featured in cities around Canada and the U.S. Technicians are receiving certificates from  24 to 40 hour courses and then some are jumping right into teaching others. You must ask yourself does this sound reasonable?. Keep in mind there are many reasons why this is not only dangerous for their future clients but for the technician as well.
Micro-Pigmentation Centre has once again evolved the MicroMethod© Training system to an 8 day course as 6 days is no longer enough time  to learn proper skills. Anything less if false economy. The industry must move forward towards proper training and drop the "quickie" fast dollar courses.
There are many key rules, guidelines and protocols that go into permanent makeup. There is intensive information that cannot be taught in a short time frame. When you choose to educate yourself at a reputable school in an 8 day fundamental class, you should be assured that you will learn pigment theory, proper sterilisation, cross contamination, anesthetic application, equipment education, colour consultation, client management, and of course procedural techniques (there are quite a few). These are all key details and skills to be learned when choosing the right school and course for you. The dollars you save today on taking a 2 or 3 day class without having the fundamentals under your belt is  false economy and inevitably will come back to haunt you. “Caveat Emptor” is a legal term for “Buyer Beware”
Be smart, do your homework and know your school
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