Permanent Makeup Colors – The Evolution of Safe Tattoo Pigments

Improving the Permanent Makeup Industry
Permanent makeup is commonly referred to as cosmetic tattooing. Just like in traditional tattooing, the pigments, techniques and equipment used for the procedure will have a huge impact on the level of satisfaction both during and after the procedure is completed. In order to ensure the highest customer satisfaction, only the best permanent makeup artists should be chosen for cosmetic tattooing. If the permanent makeup artist you choose is using the best pigments, techniques and equipment in the industry, chances are they have been influenced by the work of Pat Shibley.
Permanent makeup was a popular industry at one point, but problems with pigments and equipment pushed the industry to the brink of collapse. One of the people credited for the resurgence of the industry is Pat Shibley. She was extremely critical of all of the elements previously involved in permanent makeup and worked tirelessly to not only improve them, but to perfect them. The permanent makeup industry is once again extremely popular due to the exceptional work she has done to improve results She continues to influence permanent makeup artists all over the world.
Permanent Makeup Colors
When asked about her accomplishments in the field, Pat Shibley will inevitably smile when asked about the work she has done in pigments. Of all the improvements she is responsible for implementing, she is most proud of her company's own signature line of tattooing pigments. Her work with pigments began as simple experimentation in her kitchen and eventually led to extensive consultations with both chemists and laboratories all over the world.
Some of the pigments that were used in early permanent makeup were cheap and not entirely safe. All tattooing pigments should only be made from FDA approved ingredients including iron and titanium oxides. This is important to eliminate the chances of complications. Pat Shibley and her company, the Micro-Pigmentation Centre, currently offer a full lineup of FDA approved tattooing pigments in an incredible range of 56 different colors.
The wide range of available safe pigment colors helps contribute greatly to the worldwide success of the industry. Permanent makeup colors allow users to customize the look that they want to have for a lifetime. A large assortment of permanent makeup colors is vital to people being able to find the perfect shade.
Influence and Education
The Micro-Pigmentation Centre is located in Toronto, Ontario but is considered a global leader in terms of permanent makeup innovation and education. The company reflects Pat Shibley's own dedication to providing new innovative products and working to educate other professionals in the industry.
The facility produces and exports the lineup of permanent makeup colours to 33 different countries around the world. The facility also provides comprehensive courses to students as well as seasoned permanent makeup artists.
In addition to the instruction offered at the Centre, Pat Shibley continues to travel around the world for guest speaking appearances and to offer advanced workshops. One of her most popular seminars is "Color Through the Skin” which focuses on Advanced Color Theory and the importance of properly choosing the correct permanent makeup colors.
Pat Shibley continues to educate herself and is dedicated to passing this knowledge on to her peers in the industry.
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