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They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what of the beheld? While it is true that the application of cosmetics is often performed to improve one's appearance to others, it is also meant to boost the confidence and self-esteem of those who wear them. After a life-time career in the field of permanent makeup, micro-pigmentation educator and industry leader Pat Shibley-Gauthier has helped redefine the way we think of long-term cosmetics.

Micro-pigmentation – A Growing Trend

When the idea of tattoo makeup first made its way onto the market decades ago, it was considered risqué and not really something the average woman would consider. But fast-forward to present time and the signs of this trend catching on exponentially are all around us. Today, women are pouring into micro-pigmentation spas and salons all over the country and technicians are lining up to hear Shibley-Gauthier discuss various techniques and breakthroughs after successfully running her own center for more than twenty years. 

The Necessity of Permanent Makeup

It's interesting to think of makeup outside of a superficial standard of beauty and think of it more in a serious inter-social manner. When women arrive at work or at a special function without properly applied cosmetics, it almost never goes un-noticed. For some inexplicable reason, questions immediately begin as to whether one is ill or tired. Perception about how organized a woman is and how confident she will be to perform job tasks begin to formulate in the minds of co-workers and friends. The truth these days, it seems, is that makeup to a woman's face is what a tie is to a man's suit – the finishing touch, without which nothing seems quite put together. But rarely are women these days simply themselves. They are also mothers, daughters, businesswomen, chauffeurs, seamstresses, and any other number of responsibilities which take valuable time. For many busy career women, finding the time to apply a full face of makeup each and every morning is an absolute necessity which requires time to be cut from much-needed sleep.

Simple, Quick, Effective

With the application of permanent makeup, a woman can cut the morning application down dramatically and look her best any time of day or night. As the owner and operator of the premier micro-pigmentation center in the country, Pat Shibley-Gauthier has personally created over 65 shades of permanent cosmetic colors. With the application of these products allotting extra time to put your best face forward will be a thing of the past as you wake up looking as lovely and refreshed as you just did the previous morning, all with the effort of one cosmetic procedure in a single afternoon.


For the busy woman, or just for one who doesn't want to spend hours each day creating new brows or eye liner or lipstick that  she wore on the day before, micro-pigmentation is a fast, easy, and effective gift you give yourself to keep your eyes, lips, and brows glowingly radiant no matter what the time or situation. 


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