Tattoo Colors are Incredibly Important in Permanent Makeup

tattoo colorsTattoo colors have been around for many years for standard tattoos on body parts, but a more recent development and perfection of tattoo colors has been used for permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique that uses tattoos and various complimentary colours of tattoo ink to add tattoos to a person's face that mimic the look of makeup. Many women who spend hours on their makeup to add natural looking colours to their eyebrows, eyeliner, lips or other parts of discoloured sections on their faces can benefit immensely from a more permanent solution.
While areas on the face are typically the most used for permanent makeup, other areas of the body can also benefit from these tattoos. Some examples of how permanent makeup is used include:
  • face;
  • skin;
  • eyebrows;
  • eyelids;
  • areola;
  • scars; and
  • discolorations.
The way a technician determines what colours to use with a patient requires many tests. In the case of a face, creating a profile that takes into consideration a person's face size, face contours, skin colour, facial features, hair colour, lip colour, and weight, is the first step. After the full profile is created, matching complimentary colours are carefully selected to ensure a beautiful and natural look.
The permanent cosmetic technicians who are specially trained in this area have received renewed and updated training in recent years to ensure best practices and techniques are being used. There are some bad stories that happened prior to the major shift and innovation in the permanent makeup industry that have given the industry a bad name. While this negative reputation is being undone now and new, positive reputation is being built, thanks largely due to updated training, the demand for permanent makeup has always been high.
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