Tattoo Lip Liner: A Permanent Solution To A Daily Necessity

lipliner anesthetic rollsPermanent makeup and tattoo lip liners instantly bring to mind the idea of looking your best without the inconvenience and heavy time commitment it takes to apply makeup. However the uses and necessity of tattoo lip liner is actually understated. Today, cosmetic tattooing and lip liner is also used to correct damage caused by oral cancer, chemotherapy, sun damage and skin discoloration. It also is incredibly useful for those who have any vision impairment and thus the inability to apply their own makeup.
While the concept of permanent makeup has been around for decades, only in recent years has the process, technique and skill been perfected and the schools which teach this have been highly recommended. With a growing positive reputation and those who may have been doing old forms of the technique being retaught, the industry has seen a boom in demand since the mid to late 2000's.
The procedure is similar to the way a tattoo is done but with more care in the preplanning stages. Ensuring that the colours used, such as in the case of eyebrows or lips. In many cases, both uses of a tattoo gun or by hand can and are used by the technician. The use of manual tattooing is more often used in the case of lip liner tattoos because it is far less painful than the automated version. In consultations prior to the permanent makeup being applied, discussing the overall desired colour, look, match to the current lips, and other factors should be discussed. Failing to properly plan the permanent makeup can may result in complications and undesired results.
Regardless of the desired treatment, permanent makeup has reached a point where it is equally as attractive as a daily removable makeup option, but without the hassle. This saves the client time, money and stress in the long run while delivering beautiful results.
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